Koozali SME Server is a complete, secure, stable and versatile Open Source Linux Server distribution for small to medium sized enterprises. It is based on the rock solid CentOS/Redhat sources and brought to you by a large, active and skilled community, providing development, contribs (plugins) and support, since 2007.

Koozali SME Server has some unique features that make it an especially secure, stable and easy to operate server platform which is designed to be:

  • Simple to setup and use
    Installation and basic configuration takes less than 20 minutes, and every configuration option can be set via a web-based interface.
  • Secure and stable to operate
    SME Server only includes what is necessary. Stability comes from using proven, supported CentOS/Redhat sources and from an update system that notifies you with available updates.
  • Cross-platform and extendible to meet future needs
    SME Server already has everything necessary to provide the core services most people need to network Linux and Windows systems. Dozens of contribs (plugins) provide extra functionality.

We have been actively hosting and managing this server distro (E-Smith, Mitel, SME Server, Koozali) for more than 10 years and must say that it was a very wonderful and fruitful journey. Many clients benefited from its features despite the low setup/running cost.

Drop us a note if you are interested to run a installation within your own premise or let us host/manage it for you.